Raspberry PI – A Low Cost Platform for Amateur Radio Projects


Ed James (KA8JMW), ARRL New Mexico Section, Assistant Section Manager; ARRL Rocky Mountain Division, Assistant Director


Since its introduction in the spring of 2012 the Raspberry Pi (RPi) has generated a lot of excitement within the amateur radio community.  With its low cost, extensive I/O and flexible operating system, RPis are popping up all over the place.  In this session, an overview of the RPi single board computer, it’s hardware & software along with amateur radio projects utilizing RPi will be covered.

Speaker Bio:
Ed James (KA8JMW)

Ed James was first licensed over thirty six years ago, since then; he has savored from the broad palette that amateur radio offers.  Activities have included the design and fabrication of various projects from DC to daylight, QRP, net operations, traffic handling, rag chewing, contesting, DX, transmitter hunting, Search and Rescue, public service, satellites, EME and as an elmer to many a new ham. The thrill of that first QSO hasn’t diminished. He has over 30 years of service as an electrical engineer leading space based and defense projects at Sandia National Laboratories. Ed, his wife Carol and their five daughters are all active amateur radio operators. A lifetime member of the ARRL, Ed serves as an Assistant Section Manager for the ARRL New Mexico Section and Assistant Director for the Rocky Mountain Division.