2016 Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest Prize Policy


The following rules have been established as the accepted procedure for selling and utilizing Prize Tickets and the proper awarding of the prizes offered.  A valid 2016 Albuquerque DCHF registration is required in order to receive any Albuquerque DCHF prize.  The exception is the “Need-not-be-present-to win” category prizes.

This policy covers the following prize categories:

  • Grand Prizes and Major Prizes
  • Pre-Registration Prize
  • Door Prizes
  • Forum Prizes
  • Food Activity Prizes

Ticket Definition

Albuquerque DCHF tickets are a two part ticket.  The part of the ticket to be deposited for drawings will have an area for identifying the ticket owner.  The second part of the ticket is the STUB and is to be retained by the owner.

The Grand Prizes, Major Prizes and Door Prizes Tickets are sold for $2.00 each through Pre-Registration, sales at the prize booth at the venue, or other authorized Pre-Hamfest sales.  Any tickets sold prior to the hamfest will be deposited in the Grand Prize bucket.

One Pre-Registration Prize Ticket: The stub will be provided to each pre-registrant in their pre-registration packet.  The other half of the ticket will be held separately by the Prize Committee until the drawing.  Pre-Registration tickets will only be issued to those registering before the cut-off date listed on the Albuquerque DCHF web site.

Forum Tickets will be issued upon entrance to each forum which has a prize.  The winner will be selected only from those who attend the entire forum.

Food Activities Tickets will be issued in the pre-registration packet.  The winner will be selected only from those who attend the food activity (Banquet or Breakfasts).

Prize Tickets

  • Prize Tickets will be available for $2.00 each only at the Prize Ticket Booth at the Albuquerque DCHF venue and with proof of registration. There is no limit to the number of prize tickets a participant may purchase.
  • It is the responsibility of the Prize Ticket purchaser to properly fill out the ticket with their Name, Call Sign, (if any), address and phone number in the space provided and retain the stub.
  • It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to deposit their properly filled-out tickets into the container of their choice. Errors in depositing tickets will not be corrected by the Prize Committee staff or the participant.

Prize Drawings and Containers

  • Each prize bucket shall be labeled indicating the prize it represents.
  • Each prize will be clearly announced before the ticket is drawn.
  • Only a pre-designated ticket puller, chosen by the Prize Committee, will be allowed to draw tickets.
  • All tickets will be drawn one at a time, in full view, and handed directly to the announcer. The numbers will be posted on a Dry Erase Board or electronically distributed on video screens. Numbers will be removed as the prizes are claimed.
  • Albuquerque DCHF officials and assisting staff members are eligible to participate in the prize drawings if they are registered for the event.
  • The name, call sign (if any),and contact information for each prize winner will be recorded and maintained with the Albuquerque DCHF records in the event future contact is needed.
  • Need-not-be-present-to-win Prize winners may be identified on the Albuquerque DCHF website following the event.
  • If the prize was donated by a vendor or manufacturer the name of the prize winner may be disclosed to the company donating the prize in a “Thank You” letter from the Albuquerque DCHF staff.


  • All prizes will be designated as either “Need-not-be-present-to-win” or “Must-be-present-to-win”.
  • “Need-not-be-present-to-win” Prizes will not require that the ticket holder be present at the time of the drawing. Provisions will be made to ship the prize to the winner if the prize is not claimed at the hamfest.
  • “Must-be-present-to-win” prizes will require that the ticket holder be present at the time of the drawing to win. The winning ticket holder must present their winning ticket stub to claim their prize immediately. The winning ticket number, name and ham call (if any) will be announced three times, once each minute.  Prize must be claimed within 3 minutes.  If the prize is not claimed during this time another ticket will be drawn and the first ticket  will be declared invalid.
  • All bucket prizes will be drawn on Saturday and Sunday at the end of the day, as applicable following the last forum of the day.
  • All major prize drawings will be held at a time where no other activity is occurring.

Proxy Policy

A proxy will be accepted for any ticket (except Forum drawings) if the following is done:

  • Assignee’s name must be clearly written on the owner retained stub of the ticket.
  • The ticket owner must sign his/her name on the retained ticket stub.
  • The assignee must have the ticket stub in their possession and provide proof of identity and provide contact information to the Prize Recorder.

Pre-Registration Prize

Participants who pre-registered for the Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest before the published cut-off date are automatically entered into the drawing for the pre-registration prize.  The drawing for the pre-registration Prize will occur during the Friday evening Mixer event.  The winner need not be present at the time of the drawing.  If the winner does not claim the prize during the Albuquerque DCHF it will be shipped to the winner.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes will be drawn randomly from all of the prize buckets.  When the ticket has been recorded and posted it will be returned to the bucket from which it was drawn.  All door prizes must be claimed within one half hour of the last drawing of the day or the prize will revert to the next shotgun drawing.  The frequency of the drawings will be determined by the number of prizes available.  Proxy tickets will be accepted per the previous proxy policy instructions.  The winner or proxy must be present to win.

Forum Prizes

Forum prizes will be offered at various forums.  A ticket will be issued to each participant as they enter the forum.  The tickets will only be issued during the first 5 minutes of the forum.  The prize drawing will be at the conclusion of the forum and the winner MUST be present to win.  The winning ticket number will be repeated three times.  Should the prize not be claimed within 3 minutes another ticket will be drawn until the winner claims their prize.  The winner must be present to win and NO proxy is accepted.

Shotgun Drawings

Door prizes not claimed by the end of all Forums of the day will be redrawn and the winner must be present to win.  Proxies are allowed as per the Proxy Policy.

Food Activity Prizes

The Food Activities are usually the Friday Evening Mixer, the Saturday Breakfast, the Saturday Banquet and the Sunday Breakfast.  The participant will be issued a prize ticket in the pre-registration packet and the prize will be awarded from those tickets only.  The winning ticket number will be announced three times with a one minute pause between announcements.  If for some reason the prize is not claimed within this time and another ticket will be drawn.  Proxy tickets will be accepted per the previous Proxy Policy.  The winner or proxy must be present to win.