Pre-Registration Refund Policy

No refunds will be made on any pre-registration purchases except for exceptional circumstances.  All refunds must be approved by the DCHF Board of Directors, and all decisions are by the DCHF Board are final.  Address all refund requests by email to:  Any refunds will be made by check mailed to the address on record for the purchase.  A 5% service charge will be deducted from the refunded amount.

No-Show Policy and Procedures

All pre-registered DCHF patrons will be issued a pre-registration prize ticket and one general prize ticket.  Unless prior arrangements are made with the DCHF Registration Coordinator, any tickets not picked up at least 30 minutes before the Saturday Grand Prize drawing, any unclaimed prize tickets will be placed in the “Need Not Be Present To Win” grand prize bucket.

It is permissible for ticket holders to give or sell their meal tickets to other properly registered DCHF attendees, noting that banquet meal choices are fixed when pre-registration closes.  Barring specific coordination with the DCHF Banquet Coordinator, any banquet tickets not picked up by 30 minutes before the event may be re-sold by DCHF staff.

All banquet ticket changes must be reported to the DCHF banquet coordinator by mail to